Word High July: Dalisay

Dalisay ang pagkainosente ng 

mga bata


On Getting Married

If there’s any advice that I’d give to anyone about getting married, here it is: Act fast, decide slowly.  And yes, I suggest living together first.

Here’s why.

Act fast. You’re in a relationship for quite some time now and you’re starting to think on settling down with your partner (of course! That’s the main goal in being in a relationship right?) You think you already found the right person? Act right away. Ask her to live with you and test the waters.

That’s where the “decide slowly” gets in. Yep, that’s right. Live together for six months to two years. Most probably that’s long enough to see all the shitty side that your partner have. Take your time, weigh every aspect. Will he be a responsible father? Is she caring enough for your future kids?  Ask yourself from time to time if you actually want to be with that person. Can you accept them, flaw and all?

Here’s one tip that my mom told me:

Wanna know your partner’s real attitude? Make them angry. Tell you what, it’s true! It’d show their true color and you’ll know how long is their patience.

Another thing is you’ll never know how a person really is until you live under one roof. Imagine finding out all your partner’s bad sides AFTER getting married. Woah, there’s no going back (we live in Philippines, there’s no divorce here and annulment is too expensive and inconvenient).

Getting married at 24 and having my first child at 20, it somehow gives me a firsthand experience on how marriages work. Most of what I know about marriage are not based on just my experiences alone, some are from observations from other couples around me.

I’ve seen couples regretting that they married their spouse. Most would say “Di ko naman alam na ganyan sya eh” (I didn’t know that he’s like that). If they lived together before settling down, maybe they had a better chance of avoiding the wrong person.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Details

It’s been a while since the last time I posted anything and it’s been more than a year since I joined the photo challenge (and the daily prompt too!) so here. Here’s my pick for this week’s photo challenge.


This photo, as you can see, was taken way back in 2009. I was using my first ever camera then (a Sony DSC W110 which was stolen in a mall in 2011). Somehow, this photo reminds me a lot of things. It doesn’t that much detail but it’s close enough to what I wanna capture that time.

This plant was one of the last plants that my grandma had. She passed away a year before I took this photo. My grandpa was still strong back then and he’s the one taking care of her plants. I used to help him in watering all my grandma’s plants during that time. Aaaand here comes a lot of flashbacks from those days….makes me miss them even more.

Oh well.

It’s one of those vacations where we (me and my siblings) enjoyed every single day of it too!


Books and Blurb

When I saw that Daily Prompt asked us to :

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.


Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS.

I immediately smiled to myself, thinking “Wow! really?” in a very sarcastic way.

First off, here are some photos that literally shows BOOKS. These are not “photography” kinda shot, but hey – these are the books I collected for the year 2013.




For the blurb, let me give a try.


Her soul lived before anyone else does, she watched every rise and fall of every empire ever known in both written and unwritten history, she know every secret and she have to protect it.

As she visit this Earth as Erika Hoffman, she meets a man who she never knew will play a big part on her life – and her mission. Will he be a distraction  or was he sent to destroy her?


That is pretty short but  – I actually have that whole plot in my head, I just can’t finally write it down. Like you have the whole movie of that story playing in your head but you can’t even write the draft. Sigh. Oh well. (That’s one thing that I need to work on too)

Such a Busy Day

Earlier, I went to our local health center (Pedro Gil Health Center and Lying In – some call it Sases [SAH-ses] and I don’t know why) to get a check up (I already went to one of our hospitals, they required me to have my records there first, that’s how I can get a referral for a local public hospital). I was supposed to have).

I was supposed to have it last Monday at 1 PM and I came on time for that check up. Guess what? They simply asked me to return on Friday (today) since they cannot accept more patients because they still have a meeting regarding the measles outbreak at 3 PM. They even asked me to come at 10:30 AM on Friday (to be sure that they can accommodate me). That is really irritating but since I do not have any choice, I just left that old little building thinking “What should I expect?” I arrived there at exactly 1 PM and by 1:10 PM, I’m on my way home. Wow!



Here are some picture that I took. I really wanted to take a lot of pictures today but people keep on looking at me and it feels really awkward. I really need to get used to that feeling, I guess.

Today, it’s a bit different. As usual, I came on time (10:30 AM) and right after I checked with the one in charge for pre-natal check ups, she just asked me to pass my “pink card” to the records section and asked me to go home and be back at 1 PM (the usual time for check ups). Instead of ruining my day and my mood, I just used the remaining time to visit one of my favorite parks : Paco Park.

My fiance was the one who introduced my to that place. He said used to hang around there with his friends and — well, that is a very memorable place for me. That is like my haven. Whenever I feel stressed out, lost of unstable in some way, that the place I always go too. That’s where I recharge. It’s also where we had our handfasting.

I took a lot of pictures earlier using my digital camera. Actually , I learned some things today:

1. I am not familiar with my new gadget yet. I was not able to maximize my camera’s functions since I’m not sure where to set or adjust what. There was a time that I wanted to have a panoramic effect for the photo – but I don’t know where to set it … or if it have one.

2. I have a very shaky hand now. I think it is an essential thing that you have a steady hand when taking pictures. Well, it’s not a bad thing if your hand’s a little shaky – but earlier, the way my hands shake while holding the camera, I’m like “No-oh, this is not good.” I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tired or what, but hopefully it’s not a permanent thing.

3.  I enjoy taking pictures when I’m not with my fiance. Well, he’s always in a hurry and he’s the first one to feel awkward about me taking pictures. I’m not sure if that’s good or not.

I’ll be putting some photos that I took earlier on a different post one I transferred then from my camera.

Is that you?

When I was a little younger, when I am still sure on everything I know about myself, I would look straight in the mirror and say “Hey, way to go!” Everyday I would wake up with the same conviction about things, with the same set of standards  that I follow. Things were the same until love came into picture.

Have you ever experienced that? You know, when you fall in love with a person and they seem to break you down  in some way. Like, all the standards you’ve set, all the goals and dreams that you once had for yourself now depends on that one person. You were caught off guard and defenseless and you just crumble into pieces – and sometimes you just don’t know why you’re doing thins that normally, you wouldn’t.

Time came while I’m in the midst of all the decision making (that somehow feels like I’m making the wrong choices), I looked in the mirror and asked “Is that you?” – and that, I tell you, was one of the saddest moments of my life. That’s when I realized a lot of things (specially the wrong ones) and the worse thing is I can’t turn back and I have to make it work. 

Being uncertain of who you are makes the situation worse. Which one should I fix first, my situation or myself?

Well, good thing the worse is over now. I’m still picking up some of my old pieces, trying to figure out how they fit before – so that I can build a better new me for my family.