Thrilling Story from sixpenceee


The Wishing Tree

by reddit user hrhdaf

So I’m writing this as a form of confession. Not because I’ve done anything wrong but because I’m gonna stand by and do nothing.

I guess my story starts way back when I was about 6 or 7. I was out playing in the back yard with my ball. Just hoofing it about when it went flying into my neighbors.

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To That Woman Who Cant Shut Her F***ing Mouth

Please lang, wag mo akong idamay ng idamay sa kalandiang ginawa ng anak mo. Yes, may mga mali akong ginawa sa nangyare pero please lang , ANAK MO ANG LUMANDI AT GUMAMIT NG IBA KAYA NAGKAGULO. Kaya please lang PO putangina , wag ako silipin nyo ng silipin. 

Isa pa, wag nyo rin sana silipin yung parenting style namin dahil tbh ni walang partisipasyon ang anak mo sa kahit anong tungkol sa mga bata. Walang perpektong magulang, even you have your flaws and you made decisions na tingin mo makakabuti sa anak mo. Dont judge us. You are not standing in our shoes.

I can go on for years without talking to you. I can even pretend that I didnt see anyone or anything when you’re around. 

Im writing this while Im fucking angry. I dont feel sorry cause for the record, you even pretend that you dont see my kids so fuck you.

Yun lang. Maraming salamat sa mga tulong.

Just like girls, boys want someone who can fight for them and make them a priority. Boys crave for time, attention, affection and effort too. They get jealous, they sometimes overthink. They get scared of losing their special someone to another. They do have insecurities and thoughts about not being good enough. They get hurt and shed tears too. They are just as human as girls are, capable of being selfish, committing mistakes, making wrong choices. The only difference is that girls often vent things out, boys keep it to themselves. The point here is that boys and girls are equals, entitled to feel the same set of emotions with varying intensity. So never ever think that you are the only one hurting or that you are the only one who needs the comfort of a warm hug or the reassurance of an “I love you.” Your partner needs all those too; you both do.

I hope they know how tiring it is to do all those things to a self centered arrogant man.

Oh yeah, “if you are wise enough you wouldn’t be with him in the first place.”

It feels exhausting loving someone who’s only good with words, ‘cause no matter how good or how wise you are, they’ll only see themselves. no one’s important aside from him.

He’d expect you to do anything he wants without him giving anything in return. nothing at all.

“Be his peace” my ass. He just wants he ego rubbed every time.