Hay Buhay

We started living together with our kids last May 15, 2015 and with less than a month ang dami daming gulo na ang nangyare. Now I believe na ang pag-aasawa ay hindi talaga paglagay sa tahimik.


Anyways, a lot of conflicts have risen in that span of time and I will post some separate blog posts about those. Specially Ms. ChewingGum , that’d be a long one.


I have a lot of questions and most of the time I want to have a professional advice from someone who already know a lot sa mga bagay na ganito.


Somehow these things are also rebuilding the ‘lost’ identity na nawala sa akin after all the conflicts that me and Michael had before.


Well, its too early for me to lose hope na mag-iimprove pa si Michael. He did improve a lot mula nung nag-sama kami but the fact na di nya mapigil ang bunganga nya at ma-control ang emosyon nya, nako, tingin ko dun ako suko. Hopefully things will turn out better pa din.


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