Starting Over Again…?

Madalas kong sabihin dati na kapag nag-umpisa ako ng bagong blog, bagong chapter na. New start, new beginning. I already have several blogs before na hindi ko magawang sulatan ulit kasi sobrang sakit ng memories.

I had two major blogs before (one here in tumblr and the other is in blogspot) na everyday nakakapag-update ako. I feel that I can really pour out my self on those but time came that I wanted to forget everything , pati yung mga nakasulat dun kasi it seems na lahat pala ng inaakala ko (na naka-chronicle lahat sa blogs nayun) ay kasinungalingan. It felt na writing on those blogs again will remind me how fucking stupid i was. 

Then last night after me and my fiance had a fight, I realized na I dont need things (blog or material things man) to mark the beginning or the end of any issue the I have in my life.

Life doesnt end and start again when I started having a new blog or buy new stuff or even when I cut my hair short. Life will continue with all the issue and problems and all we gotta do is stay there, learn what we need to learn and take in as much as we can. At the end of the day, it still continues. 

Learn from the lessons that you encounter, end up wiser than yesterday. 


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