Justice or Injustice

by reddit user  KMApok

Another one of those stories that theorize the afterlife:

The Pearly Gates were not what I expected.

After death, I stood in a crowd, thousands strong. I saw a golden fence ahead, hundreds of feet away. It felt more like an amusement park line then Heaven.

As the crowd surged forward, I made out many smaller gates, opening and closing. For every gate I saw open, I saw several flashes of flame from the front of the crowd.

What I saw near the gates terrified me.

Each person stepped into a circle of runes, the other occupant wearing a robe. When each person stepped in, the figure exposed their face. Every time, the face was different. We couldn’t hear the conversations outside the circle, but they seemed passionate. Soon, the person would either pass the circle and enter the gates, or disappear in flames.

I was next. I watched the person ahead of me argue with a sad woman in the robe. A man in golden armor stepped up.


“That’s……God?” I asked. “Taking different forms?”

The….angel?….shook his head. “No. God is forgiving. He’d let everyone in. Who you see in the circle, that’s the person you hurt worst in your life. If they’re dead, they pass back to listen. If they’re alive, it comes as an easily forgotten dream. They are the one that judges you. They decide: Peace or Damnation.”

I watched as the person ahead of me burst into flames. The woman covered herself. I swallowed, and walked forward.

As I entered the circle, the robed figure reached up. I wondered who would pass judgement on me.

And dear reader, I wonder, who would pass judgement on you?

I mean if you aren’t already a nice person, this might make you think to become one.

worth reading, damn i always go with the golden rule but this one … just read it


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