Revenge Curse Cage

I’m not fucking around anymore.

These are less instructions and more documentation/demonstration because this was fashioned specifically for someone and is not meant to be duplicated as a general curse.  For duplication, switch up the starred (*) ingredients.


– Simple poppet
– Small jar
– Black candle – targets name carved into it
– White candle
– Permanent marker – for a lasting effect
Loose incense and charcoal to burn it on

For the Poppet:
– Target’s handwriting
– Target’s photograph
– Target’s signature
– Target’s article in paper*
– Various Sigils to spell out intent*
– Coffee beans* – heart 
– Gagroot – mouth – choke on your words
-Hot Pepper – throat – to stop spreading shit
– Black Pepper – to stop spreading shit
– Basil* – owes me money

In the Jar:
– Toothpicks around the edge
– Black salt
– Storm water
– Lime juice – stop spreading shit
– Peppermint extract* – to cool any undeserved hatred they have of me
– Vinegar – to make them eat their words/stop spreading shit
-Spit of hatred


1) I created the poppet out of useless rags—as a symbol of who it would come to symbolize.  This was nothing too complicated, simple gingerbread-person pattern hand sketched onto two pieces of fabric, cut and sewn together.  I chose to sew it completely, and cut a hole in the chest afterwards for stuffing.  (It was stuffed with the remainder of the scrap fabric to give it shape)

2) I spent a great deal of time creating twenty different sigils (that I might decide to share later in more detail).  These I wrote on corresponding/relating body parts of both sides of the poppet.

3) Gathering all my materials together, I carved the target’s name into a black candle.  I lit some specially-blended loose incense as I whispered my intent for the target to the poppet, stuffing it with images of the target to bind them together.  Three coffee beans were placed at the heart (as for why—that is something I keep to myself for the sake of anonymity); a hot pepper down the throat; gagroot, basil and  black pepper ground together were placed in last before sewing the poppet shut.

4) When the incense burned out and I was left with a charcoal, I burned a poem I had written as a symbol of my rage.  When it had turned to ash I doused the charcoal with storm water. This blackness I mixed with salt to create a very specific black salt.  This salt I rubbed all over the target until the poppet became completely black.  Then I placed the poppet in the jar

5) I then filled the jar with the remainder of the loose incense and black salt, some more storm water, lime juice, and peppermint extract.  Then I pushed thirteen toothpicks into the jar around the edges, like long thin nails surrounding the poppet—a cage.  When the black candle burned out, I placed its remains in the jar along with it.

6) Because I did not want any of this energy out in my living space, I decided to seal the jar with white wax.  White to keep the negative in, contrasting with the black salt like a barrier between worlds.  Lighting a white candle I allowed the wax to drip all down the edges of the jar, creating a second “cage”, using the entire candle. 

Resources/Inspiration: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8


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