“According to @AbishurPrakash of NextgeoPolitics.Com, "its likely that the next country ISIS will look to expand into might not be in the Middle East but in Southeast Asia… the creation of an autonomous state in the Philippines comes at a time when ISIS is looking to exploit any opportunity to grow… The biggest threat then is that if ISIS gains a foothold in the Philippines and thousands (if not more) extremists converge, an Islamic State will be created in Southeast Asia… Bangsamoro is not just a threat for the Philippines. It is a threat for the entire Asian region and for the West…”

“ ENDLESS THREATS AND PROVOCATION. Ang BBL, according to MILF, kung hindi raw maipasa ang pag grant ng PH Govt ng territory ng Islamic State, gyera. Pag maipasa na, kung hindi ma-expand ang territory, gyera. Kailan matatpos ang pananakot ng MILF ng gyera?”

"MILF BBL IS ANTI-DEMOCRACY. Our study on the comments of pro-BBL bloggers conclude, with 100% accuracy, that Malaysia-PNoy-MILF’s Proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is anti-DEMOCRACY. In fact, they bash democracy with the word "demoCRAZY”. These BBL advocates believe that Islamic Law that is applied to the general public is better than democracy. They are similar to ISIS.“

Sa mga makabayan , please do read this.

No hate, just explanations. (And yes, anti-BBL ako)

Very informative.

If tama ang haka-haka nila, nakakatakot ng pwedeng mangyari sa Pilipinas.



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