I watched this movie last night and it’s the first time that I watched it. It has a fantastic story that even though I don’t know anything about its plot, it still got me hooked up from the very start. The way how Tom’s misery is shown at the very start of the movie really did its job. It got my attention and it made me wanna see why is he like that, why did she leave him and how did he actually end up crying. I actually said “Wow, he’s so twisted there. That girl must be really amazing”. Well, that’s on Day 290. The flashbacks slowly came in and that’s when I actually realized that Summer is the girl’s name, not the season (I actually thought that it’s about a summer fling thing, you know).

I admire Summer’s personality. She’s so straightforward about what her ideals and she gets to say the most hurtful words without sugarcoating them. She said “I don’t wanna be anyone’s anything” and she always make sure that she and Tom is nothing but casual friends. Talk about going out on movies, dates and sex with a casual friend, it just can’t be, right? What really confused me is why didn’t she tell Tom about the guy? And how sure can she be with the lunch guy that she exchanged her 8 unsure months with Tom?

Tom’s personality is very different too. I think he’s so safe most of the time and falling for Summer’s the most reckless thing that he really did. It’s amazing how honestly concealed he is in dealing with his feelings for Summer. I never saw a guy got so caught up like that. I saw how he fell for her, how he desperately wanted to make her officially his, how he suffered with their ‘break up’ and I like all the things he went through just to move on because he never really wanted to do so in the first place. I like the way how he picked up the pieces and made better decisions for himself. He resigned from making cards and he pursued his real interest which is architecture.

At one moment while watching, I saw that Tom’s getting better and then Summer came again. I was like ‘What the fuck is she doing there? He’s okay now and then she’ll come crush him again? Leave him alone!’ Well, that’s how the story’s supposed to go, right?

In the middle of the movie, around Day 300+, that’s when I realized that by Day 500, he’s already moved on. It’s 500 Days, around 1 ¼ year, from the day he first saw her to the day that he moved on. I’m really confused the whole time before Summer actually said how he met her husband. He’s a guy that she met at lunch in a certain restaurant while reading a certain book. Then, the lesson just came. Well, Summer and the narrator are right: Coincidence, that’s all that really is. Love is not about destiny, soul mate or whatever they call it – it actually depends more on the coincidence. As Summer said: What if she didn’t go there at lunch? What if she’s not reading that book? What if she came ten minutes later?

At the end of the movie, Tom learned what Summer’s talking about. He met this new girl, he felt what Summer ‘explained’ to him and this time, he’s pretty sure that she’s the one. Incidentally, her name is Autumn. Haha!

 In this movie – I picked some few nice quotes, learned a few things and realized a lot of things.

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