Working on my shorthand grimoire with spells , sigils, talismans that will be my pocket travelers. Those papers will be torn, burned, swallowed, given, hidden, used in rituals, in any kind of situation. I made 8 main sections with a sigil that describes it : Protection talisman magick, space blessing & banishment, self enchantment (I call it Buff magic), object enchantment , Spirits & God summons, War magick, Demon summoning, Chaos magick.

Papers include various things from various cultures or self inspired , written or drawn sigils, void evocation stuff. It’s awesome being chaos magickian right ; )

On one side of paper is a sigil, on the other side is written short explanation of what sigil does. It’s helpful and also it sets in stone what is expected from it.

Section papers have a big sigil in corresponding color with corresponding numbers on the other side for extra power. Sides of this flashcards have a golden yellow and purple paper, I will draw extra golden sigils into it.

After finishing everything, it’s time to make a special ritual of bonding with grimoire and giving it extra magickal fuel 😉

all the best, chaotically

this reminds me of the thing that my fiance uses. i have one like this too but it doesn’t contain any sigils YET. this looks like a wonderful idea. And also, “short hand” sigils huh. 🙂 Looks like a good idea. 

Ooooohhh, ideas flooding my head right now *insert evil laugh*


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