New House na (hopefully)!

For almost more than a year ago, I LIKED this Facebook Page since they are offering low-priced house and lots na NO DOWN PAYMENT at NO EQUITY. Noon palang talaga gusto ko na magkabahay kami, it’s just that my fiance doesn’t want to live in Cavite noon. Well, finally he agreed to take a look at the model houses kasi I’ve been insisting noon pa. Two days ago I inquired in their Facebook page and in their website about the free viewing. Friday and Saturday lang ang free viewing. So, last night I confirmed na sasama kami.

We went to four sites, namely Wellington, Istana, Casa Amaya and Springtown.

Of all the four, Springtown is the one nearest sa Cavitex. Both Casa Amaya and Springtown have the same house model though.

Upon weighing the pros and cons (the price, the turn over unit, cost that will be used for improvements, etc.) , we decided to have Selena model in Springtown. Ngayong palang sobrang excited na ko for this (possible) new chapter sa buhay namin.

Here’s the picture of it by the way (credit to their FB page, low-bat na phone ko nun eh) :



By this Tuesday I’ll be processing the requirements na for Pag-Ibig loan and other stuff. 

Sana po, please please please please !.

Sana matuloy na talaga ‘to.


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