Wandering Soul


I am a wandering soul. From the depths of the seas to the peak of the highest mountain, I’ve been to all of them. I love to soar high with every unlikely blow of the wind and dance to my heart’s desire in the eye of every storm. I’ve touched your hearts once or twice but I’m pretty sure none of you has noticed.

Love is my greatest pleasure. I feed on all the good emotions you faithful lovers give. Your simple gestures of love, from simple smile to a hug or kiss, give delight to my innocent scheme. Lust is my playground. Young one’s unlawful experiments because of their curiosity to married adulterers who seek pleasure in the thrill of being caught – I watch them all from where my seat is. I giggle at how silly they all act – is lust that powerful to make them do things they shouldn’t? I watch laughing at them for from the start, I already knew what outcome and consequences they’ll have to face. Hatred, jealousy, pride and envy are the things that slowly kill me. Avoiding them is never easy for every person’s heart have them. Well kept maybe, from the naked eyes and hearts of all those who walk on this plane, but you can never keep it from wandering souls like me.

Uncertainty is the only thing certain to me. Nothing lasts forever and eventually, all that you know will have to change. Who cannot agree on that? At one point in life, things change in a way that even you people could bear to cope up with it.

I always wonder why people yearn for success when they already have all the things they need to be called successful. Is it a title for them to earn and maintain or is it all in their insecure minds?

I hate laws for they tie me down. Yes, I’m not a law abider. I follow them when only needed.  It’s always good to learn all the laws, because one way or another – that same set of laws will give you the exception. Sometimes their loopholes are incredibly funny that they just might let you do anything you want.

I do not fear death for it gives me my freedom. Joyful tides only come to me once every lifetime and unfortunately, it’s usually the same time as when I was about to leave. That’s what keeps me coming back to this plane, the feeling of that last minute joy that I want to reminisce and experience over and over again.


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