I went through some of your links and i saw some of your sigils, however, I’ve ne’er use sigils, so i have no idea how they are used, can you explain what they are and how they are used?


Alright, Sigil 101:

What is a Sigil?

  • A sigil is a drawing, shape, or symbol created with an intent or purpose in mind. That purpose can be anything from helping protect your home, to helping get a job, or making you feel happier. There’s a bunch of different ways to make a sigil. You can make it based on existing shapes and patterns, on the shapes of letters, from music notes, by free drawing, and that’s just to name a few methods.

How do you charge a Sigil?

  • Charging a sigil is like filling it with energy, power, or intent. It’s basically “turning it on.” There’s a pretty dominant theory in sigil work that in order to charge a sigil effectively, you should do so while experiencing intense sensations or emotions. This means look at your sigil while you experience pain, deep sorrow, pleasure, ect… Other methods of charging sigils include drawing it in bodily fluids (use safe procedures while handling any bodily secretions), meditating on the sigil, or using a charging ritual (usually involving charging the sigil with stones, incense, or light).

Why charge a Sigil?

  • While a sigil holds a small amount of energy simply from being created, charging a sigil gives it more. A sigil isn’t very strong to be honest, it’s a passive spell. So, the more energy you put into it, the more effective it can be. 

What do I do once I charge a Sigil?

  • Some people follow the idea that after you charge a sigil you should destroy the paper it’s on to release the intent and energy out into the world. You can do this by burning, soaking it until the ink runs off, burying it, or shredding it. Some people believe it should stay somewhere visible. Others still will fold or roll up the sigil, and put it inside an object to be carried with you, or placed inside another spell object to augment it’s strength.

Why use a Sigil?

  • A sigil is a good “set it, and forget it” type of spell. You make a sigil, charge it, and deal with it how you see fit. Then you can forget about it, and it lasts until it’s fulfilled it’s purpose. You don’t need to do it again until it has completed it’s use, and then you don’t really need to use it again, because the goal is already achieved.

Down sides to Sigils?

  • A sigil has a VERY limited scope of effectiveness. The more specific the use and intent of a sigil, the more effective it is. So if you make a sigil for love, it’s not a sigil for general, over-all, generic love. It’s a sigil for (i.e.) “I am happily married and in love with my spouse.” Also, if you set defensive sigils on your house, they are more of “alarms” than anything else, and each one would have to be reset after they were triggered.


  1. A sigil gives you a physical object to focus on
  2. A sigil needs charging to be anything more than a drawing
  3. A sigil is easy to make, and charge
  4. A sigil isn’t very powerful, and has a very limited scope of use

this pretty much summed up what sigils are and some basic info. 


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