BGC Mcdo Kanting Issue

I know I’m too old to get involved in this stuff pero shet, putang ina lang talaga.

Pinakita lang ng isyung ‘to kung gaano kababaw ang mga kabataan ngayon, lalong lalo na sa henerasyon ng mga taong involved.

OK, to give you a back ground, ito daw yun (daw kasi di ko rin naman alam yung buo):

Two people saw a couple having sex inside Bonifacio Global City Mcdonald’s CR. They started posting about the incident on Facebook without mentioning who the couple is. Since these two people are somehow “well known” (and because there’s sex involved), a lot of people started talking about it too. A lot of their friends started asking who the couple is. Then, someone started spreading the rumor that a certain Mary Joy Terrenal is the one involved in that issue. I’m not sure kung ang kasama daw ba nya sa pangyayaring yun ay boyfriend nya o hindi.

Of course, Terrenal keeps on denying it.

First and foremost, yung kawalan ng respeto sa sarili at sa ibang tao. You saw people having sex. Why do you have to make fun of them, especially the girl? And sa girl na involved, why do it there in the first place? (I even heard that she’s doing it with a different guy, not her boyfriend).

Lumabas lang yung kababawan nila.

A lot of people talked about the issue too without knowing the real score. Kids nowadays will do everything to say that they’re “in”. A lot of them posted degrading stuff regarding Terrenal even though its not proven yet. Someone even made a hate page for her.

Basta makiuso lang, sapat na. WTF.

Now for Terrenal, it’s somehow easy to defend yourself if it’s not you. Ask them to show any evidence before pointing their finger at you. Easier said than done. Gusto mo mas mabigat? Go to the police, magreport ka about what they said and what they did. Paninirang PURI yung ginagawa nila (hindi paninirang uri, ok?). I dont know how Cyber Crime Law works in our country. Maybe screenshot ng mga hate posts directly pertaining to you then sue them. If it’s not you, then it’s not you. Kung malakas loob nila para ituro ka, baka lang may basehan? Also, be careful with those people that you trust. Some of them are openly giving you support but in reality they’re secretly pointing at you and making fun of you.

Sa mga nagpasimula naman ng isyu, sana naman maging maingat kayo sa pinaggagawa nyo. Di natin alam ang takbo ng karma. Mamaya ikaw pa mapahamak nyan.

I do not know Terrenal personally. I’m just watching how the issue’s going from my newsfeed. Nag-trending ang issue eh.

Gawd, these kids nowadays. Why don’t you just focus on your studies or do something worth while instead of pulling others down? Damn these people.

Sa sobrang babaw nakakabwisit na! Utak ampaw na na ba talaga mga bata ngayon?

I said I’m too old for this ’cause (I guess) the people involved are around 15-17 years old.

Don’t ask if I know who started the rumor, I’ll just say no.


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