Parenting Done Right … ?

Becoming a parent can be very overwhelming for us (and yep, I think that’s an understatement too). With all the responsibilities that’s bestowed on us in raising our kids, sometimes we over think a lot and sometimes that over thinking leads us to worse situations.

As a mom of two, I’m worried that I might do it wrong and I’m afraid that my kids will turn out far from what we expect. I guess most parents (if not all) just want their kids to grow up with good morals, firm decision making skills and a positive attitude in life. With that in mind, it’s too easy for us parents to do the wrong things without noticing it ’cause we think we’re just doing it for our kids. Turns out it’s not always how we see it.

I wanna share these two articles about parenting that can somehow sum it up.

How to Land You Kid in Therapy

10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make

I know perfect parents doesn’t exist but every parent wants what’s perfect for their kids. We need to be careful with our choices since our actions can greatly affect our kids in the future.


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