Realization 1 : It’s his choice

We’re having a hard time since I gave birth almost three months ago. Most of the problems that we’re encountering is more on the financial side. His banks account were somehow “locked up” and because of that he cannot process any money that is going straight to his accounts and he had to find another way to earn for our living because of that.

Well, I just realized that if he really wanted to get married or to fix our son’s document during the time when he still have access to his accounts, he would’ve done so.

He chose not to.

The last time I checked, one of his accounts have Php 800,000.00+ in it. That’s more than enough for the small wedding that he’s wanted or for the processing of our son’s birth certificate.

I realized that maybe he didn’t want to do those things talaga.

It hurts …. a lot.


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