Dear Ash

Right now, may di malinaw na gap sa’ting dalawa. Alam ko di pa talaga tayo lubos na magkakilala so I’m basing my judgments based on what I know.

Alam mo, sa totoo lang, pareho tayo pagdating sa pagkakaibigan. You specifically said you don’t like girl friends because of all the bullshit and drama. Me, I don’t know who to trust –so I stay away from ”friendship” as much as possible. Yup madali ma.misunderstood yan pero di ko na ie.explain pa.

When I first talked to you, I was honest with every answer. Everything’s fine until you chose to break your promise. You made a deal and then when it’s all done, hinayaan mo na lang without actually paying the price. You didn’t stay true with your words, yun yun.

I was careful not to hurt your feelings too, but not let me be a bit harsh on you.

You being in that kind of relationship really makes you a fool. As in ang tanga tanga lang. Yup, you chose that — but please, can’t you see he’s just using you ?
Kung ikaw lang ang effort ng effort, like ikaw lang pumupunta sa kanila, kinaibigan mo mga barkada nya and all tapos sya he’s just freely accepting what you’re giving, well hindi mo ba nakikita na may hindi tama sa inyo ?
Sure, I don’t know everything about you guys but when I asked you kung niyayaya ka ba nya bukod sa king iinom, you can barely answer. I wanted to know if he invited you out for dinner. No answer ? I’d take that as no. With that as basis, I’d say you’re in the friend zone.
Remember the time when you two had a fight and he said hurtful things ? I think that’s him being honest and you just can’t accept it ’cause you’re too obsessed with him. You need to accept too that obsession is different from love.
You are losing everything because of that guy and you can’t see it. How can you be so blind about that ? Ang sarap mo batukan at sabihan ng ”ang tanga mo uy, di mo ba gets yung nangyayare ?”

Aside from the matters concerning him, there are others too na focused sayo like your immatue way of handling things. I know I’m not the best in making decisions too and most of the time di ko na.aapply sa sarili ko yun pero the way you run away from things is just …. exceptional 🙂  The way you avoid your promises, that too is … fantastic.

If my Facebook status was the reason why we have gap now, well I blame your actions for that. You think nagpaparinig ako ? Actually no, I’m just stating what I feel. If you’re affected then maybe what I’m saying is true.

And one last thing, please don’t act like a child. Common, you’re a decade older than me and you know that. What? You’ll get upset that a 22-year-old is asking you to act your age?


That’s it.


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