Balik Alindog Program

Okay, yes I know that I’ve been away for too long now and yep, I actually have several drafts around February and it will be untimely if I’ll still post it.

Sa ngayon, mag-tatagalog na din muna ako. Grabe, sobrang tagal ko na talagang gusto mag-update kaso my phone was stolen and I don’t have any device that I can use right away (using our desktop computer is not ideal – sobrang likot na din kasi ng panganay ko).

Isang bagay na nangyare recently ay nakilala ko si Reia Ayunan. She’s known as GM Rei – a cosplayer and a moderator of some online games here in our country. She looks younger than her age and she’s more outgoing too. She’s my opposite in so many ways. By the way, one thing that she told was I need to take care of myself so that my fiancé won’t cheat on me (I personally think na masyadong mababaw na basehan ang personal appearance to cheat. If he’ll do so, it’s his loss). She suggested a lot of things that I need to do. Hmmm, this one’s not reallyone of those — but, yeah, it can be considered that way.

This post is about me getting back in my pre-pregnancy weight and shape – Balik Alindog program, that’s how they call it. Hahaha !

Well, first off : Weight
My pre-pregnancy weight is 58kg (127.6 lbs).
Right before the delivery, my weight is 74.4 kg (163.68 lbs).
Right now, I’m 11 weeks post partum and I weigh 61kg (134.2 lbs).

Hmm, not bad for losing weight, right ? I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Actually, 58kg is not my goal for losing weight. In fact, my goal is 48-50 kg — that’s my weight before I had my first child. I don’t even knowif that’s still attainable or how long it’d take me to accomplish it. What I really want is to get back to that sexy old me, hahaha!

For the shape, well I still have that flabby tummy. I had my second C-section so I can’t do have workouts right away. I really wanna do all the strenuous exercises that we used to do during our CAT way back in high school ’cause that really work wonders for me.

I’ll have a follow up post regarding this next month. 🙂


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