Hi WP!

It’s almost two weeks now since the last time I posted. Well, I’ve been a bit busy with some things lately. I was sorting out my [15gb] files and I also had to finalize some things regarding my delivery (me and my fiance already decided that I will give birth here in Manila but my mom is convincing me to have it in Makati. she’s worried about a lot of things but … I need to choose, so.)

Regarding my files, sadly A LOT of pictures got corrupted like this one:


File 13783 ( a picture overlooking the Chocolate Hills in Bohol ) is supposed to look like that but whenever I open the file, it looks like this:


That picture was taken in Bohol during our Class Tour. That is the only tour that I joined since it is very expensive (and during that time, me and my brother are both in college).

Same thing happened to some pictures from my grandfather’s funeral and to my 18th Birthday pictures. One thing that I noticed is that some files are duplicated in some way. Imagine having 13,000++ for the image files alone! I know I love taking pictures but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that many. Up ’til now there are still thousands of pictures to be sorted out. I hope those duplicates (if they really are) are the good ones , you know.

I might post some entries here in my native language. I’m having a hard time trying to express all my thoughts while screening them, checking if they’re ok or not. Well. Maybe weekend’s for that.


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