Sharing the Addiction

Anyone here who knows Ryan Higa? Well he’s a Youtube star (is it right to call him a star? I guess he’s pretty famous) whose Youtube channel have a whooping 11.5 million subscribers (11,593,378 right now to be exact). I’ve been watching his videos since 2012 and I am really really fond of this guy. Whenever I’m down, I just watch his videos and that would somehow brighten up my day. He had a lot of cool funny videos in his Youtube channel and here is his newest video. 

Yes, I know there are a lot of unrelated (or unusual) things  that he said within the video but that’s what makes it unique. It maybe scripted in some ways but somehow it’s not (I can’t explain it, *sigh*). And if you will listen to what his message is exactly, you will learn some things from it too like:




Or a simple message saying anyone can get into addiction (of any kind) and you have to really really take care of yourself or be careful with your choices.

As for the caffeine addiction, I can somehow relate to that – the only difference is that I didn’t get addicted to it (I think). I am a coffee lover ever since high school and there were times that I would drink up to 4 cups within a day (that is not too much, right?) AND that only happened when I was cramming for some school projects. When college days came in, I opted for a much bitter taste – the bitter it gets, the more excited I get and I don’t know why it had that effect on me.

All throughout those years, I didn’t have that shaking hand  effect or any unusual effect that it has. That was until recently when I was working as a call center agent that I literally depended on coffee to stay awake for the whole 8-9 hours of training. Our schedule for the training starts at 10 in the evening and ends around 6 to 7 in the morning. Having lack of sleep (because I was only 4 months postpartum that time), I really can’t stay awake beyond 12 midnight. Like I said, I depended on coffee for that. Time came that I cannot sleep (of course it’s caffeine), I have an upset stomach and there were times that my heart would beat too fast together with that nauseous feeling. Probably that’s not caffeine alone, of course all the stress and fatigue have their part on that too.

Bottom line is everyone should take good care of themselves especially your health. No one will look after it aside from you.


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