The Truth About Being Robbed Blind: It Sucks

Well, that Target Data Breach issue was one of the things that we encountered when I was still working. I will never forget that day when almost all of us never stopped taking calls for almost 8 hours and helping our customers resolve their issues about that. I cannot say that I know how it felt since it’s my information that was stolen but I have an idea how it affected out customers.

the global diva

So, unless you are outside of the U.S., I am sure that you have heard of the Target Data Breach by now. In case you haven’t, between  November 24th  and December 15th as many as 70 million Target store shoppers had their credit, debit and personal information stolen by a ring of thieves using software uploaded to the merchant’s server.  If you are like me, have shopped at Target or one of its affiliates and haven’t changed your credit or debit cards, you are probably using one or more of these excuses:

  • Target has taken care of the problem by now.
  • It’s probably not affecting that many people and it probably won’t affect me.
  • They won’t steal my information because I have terrible credit, or so little money, or …(insert rationalization here).
  • I’ll know if they use my card before any real damage is done.

I used all of these…

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