Such a Busy Day

Earlier, I went to our local health center (Pedro Gil Health Center and Lying In – some call it Sases [SAH-ses] and I don’t know why) to get a check up (I already went to one of our hospitals, they required me to have my records there first, that’s how I can get a referral for a local public hospital). I was supposed to have).

I was supposed to have it last Monday at 1 PM and I came on time for that check up. Guess what? They simply asked me to return on Friday (today) since they cannot accept more patients because they still have a meeting regarding the measles outbreak at 3 PM. They even asked me to come at 10:30 AM on Friday (to be sure that they can accommodate me). That is really irritating but since I do not have any choice, I just left that old little building thinking “What should I expect?” I arrived there at exactly 1 PM and by 1:10 PM, I’m on my way home. Wow!



Here are some picture that I took. I really wanted to take a lot of pictures today but people keep on looking at me and it feels really awkward. I really need to get used to that feeling, I guess.

Today, it’s a bit different. As usual, I came on time (10:30 AM) and right after I checked with the one in charge for pre-natal check ups, she just asked me to pass my “pink card” to the records section and asked me to go home and be back at 1 PM (the usual time for check ups). Instead of ruining my day and my mood, I just used the remaining time to visit one of my favorite parks : Paco Park.

My fiance was the one who introduced my to that place. He said used to hang around there with his friends and — well, that is a very memorable place for me. That is like my haven. Whenever I feel stressed out, lost of unstable in some way, that the place I always go too. That’s where I recharge. It’s also where we had our handfasting.

I took a lot of pictures earlier using my digital camera. Actually , I learned some things today:

1. I am not familiar with my new gadget yet. I was not able to maximize my camera’s functions since I’m not sure where to set or adjust what. There was a time that I wanted to have a panoramic effect for the photo – but I don’t know where to set it … or if it have one.

2. I have a very shaky hand now. I think it is an essential thing that you have a steady hand when taking pictures. Well, it’s not a bad thing if your hand’s a little shaky – but earlier, the way my hands shake while holding the camera, I’m like “No-oh, this is not good.” I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tired or what, but hopefully it’s not a permanent thing.

3.  I enjoy taking pictures when I’m not with my fiance. Well, he’s always in a hurry and he’s the first one to feel awkward about me taking pictures. I’m not sure if that’s good or not.

I’ll be putting some photos that I took earlier on a different post one I transferred then from my camera.


3 thoughts on “Such a Busy Day

  1. andy1076 says:

    The photos are fine 🙂 I don’t see any shaking from them and hey don’t worry about people looking, everyone knows that there always photographers roaming about 🙂

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