Wanna know the future?

This might be a day too late for yesterday’s Daily Prompt where it asked what I would be doing on day 211 of this year – that is July 30th. Actually, I won’t write about what I might be doing on the 30th of July, what I will be writing is the card reading that my fiance had for me last night.

Yesterday, one of our close friends from the craft gave us a visit to give Michael (my fiance) a little something that he needs for some of his rituals (we were Wiccans by the way) – it’s a bone, actually. Mikmik (our friend) asked for something in return, but it’s up to my fiance if he will do it or not.

Well, let me go back to the topic, haha! When we got home after Mikmik’s visit, we we’re too tired but (I think) it’s too early to sleep. Michael took out my Tarot cards and started shuffling it. When I saw my cards, I immediately asked him to do a reading for me (I called it my 2014 Forecast šŸ™‚ ). Before starting, I said that heĀ shouldĀ tell me everything he sees (because somehow I feel like he’sĀ not telling me everything he’s seeing) so instead of doing the usual, he offered a different way : I shuffle the cards, cut in two and he laid down all of the cards in the table. After that, I’ll be choosing seven – one at a time.Ā 

To be honest, I cannot theĀ sequence of the cards that I picked, but here are some that I remembered too well.

1. Me and my mom will have a huge argument regarding my son

Our son, Ryu, is the first grandchild of my parents and first male grandchild of my grandparents. They were so fond of him that they refused to let us bring him when me and Michael decided to live together. Even until now, my family and him are not in good terms and I know that if we insist on taking Ryu with us, it will not be that easy. Knowing my mom’s personality, for sure it will be aĀ huge fight. She won’t give up her grandson that easy. Oh well.

2. A relative might die, is in danger or might commit suicide

This one really worried me. According to him, it is someone close to me and the first thing that came to mind was my sister. She’s having a lot of problems lately and I know she’s struggling to overcome them. I am not sure who it is but hopefully it’s not her. I hope it won’t happen at all! I can’t even bear thinking about losing a loved one over suicide because youĀ would’veĀ been thereĀ but you’re not.Ā 

3. Ryu might get sick or might get hospitalized again

If ever that will happen, it would be his 2nd time to get confined. I wanted to know more about what will happen but he said it’s too blurry (it actually took longer for him toĀ seeĀ it) becauseĀ his left eye was there looking after our son. I know what he mean by that. I got worried of course! No mom in her right mind will want to see her child sick or suffering inside the hospital. I remember the last time we took him to the hospital, he kept on crying saying “Mma! Mma!” Sigh. If only I can take away his sickness and have it as my own so that he wouldn’t have to suffer.

4. I will have trouble with finances

When I had that card, it seems like almost everything is not good. Instead of taking it seriously, I told Michael that it would be his problem, not mine because he’s in charge of finances. I thought it would be for my delivery this coming March and for Ryu’s possible hospitalization.

Hmm, you see, I used to work as a call center agent (because I want to have my own money) and heĀ neverĀ liked that (men’s ego, I think). We’ve been quarreling since Ā my training and it really really got worse last December that I had resign because it’s also affecting my job. He always insisted that he can provide for everything that we need, all I need to do is ask. Well, I hate asking, especially if its for money – that’s why I wanted toĀ work and earnĀ for my own.

5. AnĀ irrelevantĀ card

He said he didn’t know why but the card was irrelevant or probably it’s from the past or the future. He said it is about a royalty who wasĀ stoned to death.Ā That is the only thing he can see about the card. I asked if that is about me, he cannot see that either.

When I heard aboutĀ royalty, an old dream immediately flashed back in my head. On that dream, I was in the palace kneeling on the floor and an old woman, a royalty whose name was recorded and well-known in history, was shouting at me, insisting that I am notĀ worthy of the position.Ā I immediately thought that probably the card was related to that.

6. I huge misunderstandingĀ 

When I picked the card “Wheel of Fortune” , he said it was expected that I’ll be getting that card. He said we will have a huge misunderstanding coming up. We took it lightly, he said we’re always having arguments because I’m stubborn then he laughed it off. I said we always have misunderstanding ’cause he’s not listening to me. After that, we moved on to the next card.

Ok, I’m down to the last one and right now I cannot remember what that is.

Oh yeah! I remember now.

7. A friend will go to a far place. At first he/she will like it there but later on things will not work out

I immediately said that is Melibeth, one of my closest high school friends. She’ll be leaving for Taiwan this February to study and get a Master’s Degree and she said she’ll be there for 2 years. I’m not sure how things will go for her or if that card was indeed pertaining to her but I am hoping that her decision will open doors of opportunities for her.Ā By the way, she finishedĀ Appplied Physics Major in Instrumentation in one of the most prestigious schools here in our country, University of Sto.

There – the seven predictions he had for me.

After reading those, he looked really really tired. I opened a computer and checked my WordPress and Facebook account while he was resting. The first thing that I saw was the Daily Prompt : Prediction. Hahaha!

I was too tired that time too so I skipped on that first.

So now, here’s what I got for prediction.


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