Be Kind to Yourself

I found this video in Youtube this evening and I just wanted to share it here.

You see, the “roommate” is also the girl criticizing herself. I do that a lot of times too, I pity myself too much that most of the time, I already missed the good part on what’s happening around me. Lately, I noticed that I’m doing that self-pity routine again (and it made my fiance feel really really helpless – he don’t know how to lift my mood).

I read somewhere that you need to be kind to yourself. Yes indeed, you have to. Sometimes, it’s not others who are pushing you down, it’s the little voice in your head reminding you of all the negative stuff in your life.

Why don’t you focus on the positive ones instead?

Earlier during dinner, my fiance and I talked about that exact same topic. He explained that he feels helpless whenever he see me sulking and crying for things that I don’t even need to be sad about. He reminded me of the things that I have that others don’t (and he sounded more like a father scolding his kid rather than a partner). I realized a lot of things and yep, the pep talk helped a lot on that too!

We cannot avoid unexpected things from happening in our lives but we can choose to look on the brighter side of the things aside from sulking around and whining for the things that we cannot change.


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