It’s been a while

Yup, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Actually, I received a nomination for Liebster Award from Julie recently (I was really really surprised to find out that my humble blog was nominated) and I actually have the response to that nomination and it’s still in my Drafts:


First, I would like to thank Julie for nominating my blog.

Second – well, I just wanna say that I’m going thru a lot of emotional stuff lately that I cannot even get the strength to write anything. Actually, every single time that I undergo this emotional struggle, I refuse to write anything. Why?  Because I only have this whenever me and my fiance have this huge (I really mean HUGE! – it makes me dysfunctional for few days) fight and I don’t want my family to know any of it.

Sometimes I write about it when the conflict is already over and I’m perfectly sure that it won’t affect us anymore. Well, as of now it seems that nothing is really forgotten (even from the mistakes that we did in the past) and we are still playing the blame game every once in a while (when I cannot stand it anymore).

Sigh. I hope things will get better. IT SHOULD BE! Can I apply the perseverance quote in this situation too? I don’t really know.



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