The Forgotten Hero

Today, Daily Prompt asked:

When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?

Then I started thinking “Who the hell was my hero  when I was a kid?”

It’s not any of those popular characters that I grew up on during the early 90’s, not the Power Rangers, Cedie – Ang Munting Prinsipe, Sarah – Ang Munting Prinsesa, Zenki or whoever (I remember a lot of anime characters that are popular that time too – like Zenki, Kenshin Himura and the girls from Magic Knight Rayearth). The only thing I know is that she was my like my teacher.

I started school quite earlier than most kids my age. Actually, I was only 2 or 3 years old  the first time I had that school  experience and there was that beautiful lady in our school who was assisting our teacher. All I can remember about her is that she is our teacher’s daughter.

There was that one time when out teacher went out for few hours and she asked her daughter to look after us. I hated writing when I was a kid (’cause everyone – EVERYONE is insisting that I must use my RIGHT hand in writing, they kept on saying that using my left hand was wrong. I always end up getting hit ten times on each hand before going home because – my teacher said – I was too lazy to write) and that day , what she did was to write the everything on my paper. All I had to do was to trace out what she wrote and try to copy it. That day, I got my star stamp too. Haha! She also comforts me whenever I cry during our classes (after our parents we’re asked to stay outside).

She is my hero not because she saved me from writing whenever her mom is not around or because she comforted me. She is my hero because at that early age, she inspired me to dream of becoming a teacher too.

One of the few things I can still remember is that she was just student during that time too – like she’s training to become like her mom. I visited their place right before I graduated from high school (that was seven years ago). My teacher was too old to teach by then and somehow the school have really few students – she said it’s about to close. I didn’t get to see her daughter, I’m too shy to ask – I can’t even remember her name.

Wherever you are miss, I hope you’re happy and in great health.


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