Random Fact (About Me) – Point and SHOOT!

Last night I posted some of the photos that I took one to three years ago. I just wanna share this fact about my lack of knowledge when it comes to photography.

First of all, I got fascinated with taking pictures when I was in Grade 6 (I was 12years old) and I asked for a camera as a graduation gift. My parents said I do not need a camera (and the cost for developing used films that time is quite costly)so they didn’t buy me one. It wasn’t until six years after that (I’m a freshman college student then) that my father was finally convinced that it’s actually agood thing to buy a camera. Well of course, digital cameras are already available then. You don’t need films, you can see photos right away and you can choose what to print.

Since then, I was taking photos (I really love doing it) and there’s this rule that I keep in mind-  (I read this from an article few years ago):

photography is like painting using the lights and the shadows


the frame is your canvas and you are the one who will choose what things you want other people to see.

I always take photos based how I want them to turn out. Totally no adjustments are done (I honestly thought that’s a no no -and that’s why I used to feel guilty if there’s any editing or adjustments done on the picture) and the device that I use is usually my smartphone (of course it’s very handy) or our point-and-shoot digital camera.

It’s just last month when I actually learned that photo editing is actually part of the process (I learned that from one of those Photography 101 posts here in WordPress) and since then, I started using those editing apps that are freely available in the market. Now I’m wondering if it’s actually good to know that or what.


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