Enjoying Outdoors

I mentioned in one of my posts before that I might try street photography (and yes, I am a frustrated photographer, haha!!) so when I saw the prompt for today, I immediately thought of those old photos that I took from different places. These pictures are not technically street photography, I love taking pictures of nature … so, yeah. I’ll be posting most of them here.














If you’ll look at my photos, you would say that there’s nothingΒ special about them – like, probably anyone who are standing on that same spot can take that same image. But hey! Well yeah, it’s not that different but that skill is something that I wanna improve too!


22 thoughts on “Enjoying Outdoors

  1. teri4sure says:

    I agree with Claudia. I think everyone has become so caught up in making a picture ‘look’ perfect, when actually we’re forgetting the purpose of taking it – to capture and share the moment – one that is special to you. Keep sharing!

  2. livingwithshadows says:

    so funny i should find your blog as i just went out today and spent the afternoon outdoors and taking some photos in my area. they are nowhere near as beautiful as yours but i still enjoyed my day.

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