Too Much Sweets During Pregnancy?

Like most of the nights, I woke up at 2:41am because I was so hungry. Good thing the nearest bakery is just few meters away and I can conveniently buy anytime – they are open 24/7.  As usual, I browsed the net while munching on my cakes – well we live in an internet shop, what else can I do to kill some time?

Yesterday was a thrilling day for me. I participated in the weekly photo challenge , the 365 Daily Prompt and the Truth or Dare Daily Prompt for The Daily Post and the feedback that I received left me feeling excited to post more. (I even saw some Filipinas who are bloggers here too).

While I was checking my other accounts, I randomly opened a tab for Google and put in “28 weeks pregnant too much sweets”. I am exactly 28 weeks now and I noticed that I am craving for a lot of sweets. I also feel that something’s wrong with me but I’m not sure, so I tried to see what Google can offer.

The first thing that appeared is Gestational Diabetes. For most, they say it’s OK as long as it is treated right away. If it is left untreated,

 “… your baby will receive too much blood sugar and grow too large, making delivery more difficult for you. It could also lead to potential problems for your baby after birth, such as jaundice, breathing difficulties, and low blood sugar levels. Later in life your child will be at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes and obesity (though a study found that extended breastfeeding can prevent childhood obesity). And though gestational diabetes goes away after delivery, you are also at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life if you’ve had gestational diabetes.”

– What To Expect

Another thing that bothered me is this article from Daily Mail. For the first paragraph, it said:

“Babies are being born addicted to sugar because their mothers eat too much during pregnancy.

The infants are being forced on to sugary drips just hours after birth to counter withdrawal symptoms.

Experts have warned that women who develop diabetes while pregnant, or become pregnant while overweight, put the long-term health of their children at risk.”

Upon reading that, I got worried right away. What if I already have that? What if I’m putting our baby in that risk and I’m not even aware of it? Well, we do not have diabetes in our family but I DO HAVE high blood pressure – that is one of the complications why I had CS delivery for our first baby.

I’m really really worried and a lot of thing keep on popping up in my head – like a checklist of things that I need to look after. What am I eating lately? Am I eating the right thing? Isn’t it normal to get extra hungry for the last 3 months of pregnancy? Will my high blood pressure affect my baby too? Do I need to get tested for that right away?

I already missed some prenatal check ups and somehow, it’s a relief that tomorrow will be my first check up with a new practitioner (the reason why I stopped going to my check ups is because the old one feels like she doesn’t care about the my situation, she’s focusing on having her meds sold out and she is always on rush – she don’t pay enough attention to what I’m saying, she just want to have it done right away). I’ll ask the new practitioner too about this. Of course the primary concern is the safety of our baby. I looked for some articles on how to prevent or treat it too – like this Diet for Gestational Diabetes.

I hope everything’s OK.


3 thoughts on “Too Much Sweets During Pregnancy?

  1. andy1076 says:

    From the way you described your practitioner, I say good call on replacing, yipes! you want someone who can understand your needs and help you through. As for the sugar though, my ex when she carried my daughter? she ate normally as she wanted, chocolates etc and our kid was strong and healthy, what a way they describe everything though :S

    • itsallhers says:

      For the practioner, yes! I’d say that nurses in our baranggay health center is way more accomodating than her. My husband suggested her since he’s kinda close to them (the doctor and her husband).
      for the gestational diabetes though, I’m not sure. I read in a blog before that “asking Google about your medical condition is like confirming that you’re supposed to be dead. Ask a doctor, not a computer” – and yep, that’s what I’ll do. Well, at least I already have an idea on what things I should ask my doctor 🙂

      • andy1076 says:

        “Ask a doctor, not a computer” lol well said! I would prefer a face and certificates too, over A screen with advice from someone who may not have proper certification 😀

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