Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Honesty is one of the things that I honor in every situation. I’m not sure if ‘honor’ is the right term but yeah, I’d thank you for your honesty even if it hurts a lot on my end. For me, I’d rather hear the truth with all honesty straight from your mouth rather than believe in some sweet lies.

Well, this reminds me of my first boyfriend who was so honest that he tells me everything, I really mean EVERYTHING! Even those things that he did with other girls when he’s fooling around – sometimes he even say it in details and I’m not really sure how I would react in that situation. I’m not sure if I should be thankful that he’s being honest or if I should be hurt ’cause this jerk is banging other girls and he’s telling me every detail of it. Good thing it didn’t last that long. Six months for a relationship is not bad either.

So, that’s one way of being honest – where you do not keep anything from someone.

Now, being frank can be seen as same thing as honesty. Of course, by definition being frank is simply expressing an opinion in a sincere and straightforward manner. Yes, you’re frank, you’re just being honest and you hate sugar-coating your words but the problem is most of the time, being frank can easily hurt or insult other people.

Hurting people because you’re way too honest? Try adding tact to your honesty then. What is tact? Tact is, according to the dictionary, the ability to do or say things without offending or upsetting other people. It is something that our High School Commandant thought us ( as part of our Leadership Training). He thought us that (as a leader) you must keep in mind the [possible] effect of every word you will give to your members. Your words, depending on how you say it, can help them improve or can demoralize them.

Honesty is a good thing, and IT IS the best policy, but you also need to take note the effect of your words.


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