How’s the Holiday Season?

Right now, it’s the second day of 2014 and yes, I was not able to write anything the 20th. I know, I know – I have a lot of time to do that now since I have almost all the time that I need, I just can’t pull myself together to write stuff recently.

Well, first of all, this is the first holiday season that I spent away from my family ’cause I’ve been living with Michael since late February of 2013.

Our first Christmas is not that bad. Originally, we planned to go our for Christmas Eve, but due to some reasons, that was changed (but it’s ok, I’m not feeling good that time anyway). We had roasted chicken, cake, that Korean bamboo wine or Soju and bread – that’s it.


We didn’t prepare that much since it’s just the two of us (and also, we’re not allowed to cook inside the shop so we really don’t have much choice).


We invited few friends to join us for dinner, we didn’t even wait for 12 midnight since we’re so tired and he still need to wake up early the next day.

For December 25, I went home to Makati. Of course I miss my family and I want to be with our son too. A lot of unlikely things happened that day so, yeah – Christmas is not too good. Ryu had fever during that time too. Good thing we didn’t have to take him to the hospital that time.


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