On Meeting His Relatives and Friends

First of all, I am in my worst mood right and probably this is just another pregnancy moodswing but I’m really tired – as in so fucking tired – of waiting for the chance to meet those people in his life.

Well, who wouldn’t be? It’s been two years and eight months, I’m pregnant with our second child now and yet I still didn’t meet those people that he always talk about.

For his relatives, when we’re starting, he always say that they’re busy and there’s no time to set a schedule to meet them. Guess what?! He have a huge secret  that’s why he doesn’t want me to go to their house and meet his family. Aside from that secret, he always say that his relatives have bad attitude and he doesn’t want them to belittle me.

Well, who cares?! I’m good at acting like a deaf anyway. I’ve been waiting for too long and all I want is to see them with my own eyes and prove to myself that they even exist.

Same goes for his friends.

The most important ones are the ones that I never met, all I know about them are the stories that he keeps on repeating. Reia Ayunan, Cross, everyone!  Some have pictures (at least I know how they look like), most of them don’t. Like his relatives, I don’t even know if they exist. For some instance he would meet up with them and even had to lie. They’d talk in a language that only them know. He always keeps secrets when it comes to dealing with and I’m really tired.

I’m so fucking tired of understanding and taking excuses and waiting for the time to meet them.

Now, I GIVE UP! They can keep all the time and all the lies to themselves. I’m not interested in meeting any of his relatives or his friends anymore because I’m so damn tired of all the lies.

It’s a huge thing for me to meet them. Of course they are part of his life and I wanna know everything about him and apparently he doesn’t even understand that.

Shitty guy brains.


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