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I just bought my first camera yesterday. It’s a Canon Powershot A2600 and yes, I know it’s not for professional photography. Who cares? I’m not a professional photographer (yet) so I think that’s fine. PLUS, buying high-end DSLR cameras is not an option for me.

Having a baby with another one on it’s way, it’s really not an ideal thing to spend too much on things that I don’t really need. Buying my OWN camera (with the help of my husband, somehow it’s his advance Christmas gift to me) for the first time is an achievement already (maybe that is shallow but for those who know me will agree).

Well, my friends know I’m a frustrated photographer and I really wanted to have my own camera, preferably a Canon camera. Well, reading this post really gave me more insight (since I’m thinking on what kind of pictures to take).

Before when I’m still using our old Sony camera, the only thing in my mind is “Capture it based on how you want others to see it”. Well, I’d love to do that here since Manila has a lot to offer (for photographers) but shooting anywhere is not a good idea either. Baka mamaya wala na yung camera mo.

Who knows. ^_^

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Many of you are interested in photography: the popularity of our Photography 101 series proves this. For even more inspiration, you can follow specific photography-related tags in your Reader — in addition to the broad “photography” tag — to find the type of photography you’re looking for.

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