Importing Old Blogs

I started this blog on January of 2012. If you will check the frst post that I have here, it’s published on the 2nd. Actually, this blog was supposed to be for the whole year of 2012 (I read a suggestion or dare during that time and it involves blogging).

This is not the only blog that I have actually, that why lately I’m importing most of my posts from my old blogs here. Some of them are written in Filipino, some are in English (forgive my grammar, I’m using this platform to improve on that too).

There are some significant reasons too on why I was not able to comply with that “New Year Resolution” that I got into.

  • First of all, WordPress is too … well, I think it’s not user-friendly. I really really had a hard time navigating through the site during the first months that I am here.
  • Second, I was too busy with my graduation requirements that time (I was a 4th year college student) and  I can’t even find time to squeeze in that simple task of updating my blog.
  • Third, I was so emotionally devastated during that time. 2012 didn’t start nice for me. I was so … well, saying I was brokenhearted is an understatement. I literally had to do some mind setting each and every day just to survive my situation that time. I’m a total mess that time. Urgh!

Well, those are the most significant reasons why , the rest just added to those three. Blaaah!

Aside from this one, I even tried starting a new blogs last February of 2013. I also added those here.

Combining blog is not that hard but I have to admit that at first, I really don’t know what to do. Like in most occasions, I consulted Google to know what to do and I immediately click on the very first random article on the results.

The instruction is pretty simple:

1. Change the permalink structure on your old blog

You want the permalink structure (Google “wordpress permalink structure” if you don’t know what I’m talking about) to be the same for your old blog as for your new blog. If they’re already the same, that’s great. If not, you’re going to want to change the permalink structure of your old blog.

[ Click here for the article ]

I was like “What the fuck is perrmalink?!” ( Yeah, even until now, I don’t know what the fuck that is). So, I consulted my husband. He was playing Torchlight II during that time and he didn’t really give me that much attention. He said something about what that thing is without taking his eyes off his screen. I had to ask few more times before he actually got off his seat and helped me out.

He read the article with me and we figured out what to do. Haha! Actually, I really didn’t follow that first step, I think that doesn’t matter anyways because the main thing that you need to do in combining your blogs is:

  • Exporting your Blog (wherein you will have to DOWNLOAD the XML file of your blog) ; and
  • Importing you Blog (wherein all you need to do is to UPLOAD the XML file of the blog that you want to put in your current blog)

Technically, that’s it. It will depend what platform you’re using on the blog that you want to import.

For WordPress, it’s in the TOOLS, you can check out the options there. (Available Tools, Import, Delete Site, Export)

For Blogger, that’s in Settings > Other , you’ll see Blog Tools there. Almost same options.

I have Tumblr as well but I didn’t export my blog there yet (Well, it’s been too long that I opened my Tumblr site too. Hmm…)

If you are using other platforms, consult Google – it have more answers obviously.

So there, expect more blogs to be added here. 🙂

itsallhers – all my blogs will be here, HAHAHA! Omg , I’m going crazy again.



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