Secret Wedding

Getting married is not one of my biggest dreams and in fact, I myself dont even think that I will ever get married. Last February 23, everything changed.

At 8am, we met at Paco Park in Manila. I left our house at 7 in the morning and from the moment I got in the jeep, I’ve been so nervous ’cause of all the things that’s running in my head. My family doesn’t know we’re seeing each other again, and for God’s sake, I don’t even have my vow yet! I tried to come up with something as unique as his, but I wanted it to remain plain and true as well. I don’t want to put a lot of promises that I cannot really do

On the handfasting ritual that he prepared, I saw that he really prepared for it and he wanted it to happen right away. The sincerity and the promises, everything is reassuring. Maybe he’s affraid that he would lose my again (haha!).

We did the handfasting inside Paco Park, in our favorite spot – right behind the high walls between the two open grounds, a small space connecting both grounds that rarely anyone visits. The ritual was not too fast, not too slow – just perfectly timed for the occasion.

I admit, I still have some doubts that time and the wounds and memory is still fresh that I can’t help questioning every word. At the end of the ritual, I felt so relieved, assured and in love once again. This is our new start, I said to myself. I hugged him after he put the ring on my finger (he bought the wrong size so it’s in my pinky. He promised to buy a new pair though).

No huge preparations, no invitations, nothing.

It’s not magarbo, so what? That’s not what wedding is all about, right?

It’s a new start indeed, and in was not that easy. Well, that’s part of everything I guess. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.


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