On Looking Back

Kaninang umaga, naalala kobigla yung ex kong lesbian. We were in a relationship for 3 years and a half , the only reason why we stayed that long is because she doesn’t want to let me go. Well, this is not about that. I tried searching her in Facebook and apparently, I’m still blocked from her account. Haha! I tried looking for her girlfriend’s account too, and actually a huge change came in her girlfriend’s account – everything is private na.

Well, I tried looking at my Blocked List. I was like – WOW! There’s a lot! Can’t remember having all those people there. Well, for some I can still remember why I blocked them – and the reason is enough to keep them there. For the others, I really can’t remember why. I unblocked one of them – well, I don’t know that person personally, can’t even remember why I blocker her in the first place.

Upon looking at her profile, well she’s one of those who did something terrible to me about 2 years ago. We don’t know each other pero dahil sa udyok ng kaibigan nya, she said awful things about me – pinagkalat nila na kabit daw ako.

Madalas may mga tao na ayaw natin sa buhay natin, be it Facebook block or actually avoiding that person in real life, we all have that feeling at one point. Minsan magandang balikan yung dahilan why you tried to kick them out of your system. Probably that is to mend anything and to possibly reconcile with the person – that is if you are ready to forgive na. Minsan naman, di mo pa rin mapapatawad yung tao and nothing will change.

We kick people out of our lives for a reason. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason, sometimes it’s too hard that even a decade is enough. Only time can say say what changes will happen.


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