The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女 Toki o Kakeru Shōjo?) is a 2006 Japanese-animated science fiction romance film produced by Madhouse, directed by Mamoru Hosodaand written by Satoko Okudera. Released by Kadokawa Herald Pictures, the film is a loose sequel to the 1967 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui and shares the basic premise of a young girl who gains the power of time travel, but with a different story and characters than the novel. Riisa Naka voices Makoto Konno, a teenager who inadvertently gains a mysterious power. She learns from her aunt Kazuko Yoshiyama—protagonist to the original story—that she has the power to travel through time. Makoto begins using the time-leaps frivolously to fix problems.
                  Seventeen-year-old Makoto Konno (Riisa Naka/Emily Hirst) lives with her family in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo, Japan. Makoto lives with her parents and younger sibling Miyuki (Yuki Sekido/Shannon Chan-Kent). Her aunt Kazuko Yoshiyama (Sachie Hara/Saffron Henderson), is an art restorer at the Tokyo National Museum. One day, when Makoto discovers a message written on a blackboard at her high school, she inadvertently falls upon a mysterious, walnut-shaped object. On her way home, Makoto is ejected into a railroad crossing when the brakes on her bicycle fail and is struck by a train. She is transported a few minutes back in time to before the accident. Kazuko explains to Makoto that she has the power to “time-leap”, to literally leap through time. At first, Makoto uses her power extravagantly to avoid being late, to get perfect grades on tests, and even relive a single karaoke session for an entire hour, but Makoto soon discovers that her actions can adversely affect others.
              Makoto ends up using up most of her leaps frivolously, to prevent undesirable situations from happening, including an awkward love confession from her best friend Chiaki Mamiya (Takuya Ishida/Andrew Francis). Makoto eventually discovers a numbered tattoo on her arm which counts down. She determines that the tattoo indicates that she can only time leap a limited number of times. Using her remaining time leaps, Makoto attempts to make things right for everyone. Makoto impulsively uses her final leap to prevent a phone call from Chiaki asking if she knows about time-leaping. Due to this, she arrives too late to prevent her friend Kōsuke Tsuda (Mitsutaka Itakura/Alex Zahara) and his new girlfriend, Kaho Fujitani (Mitsuki Tanimura/Natalie Walters), from being struck by a train when they borrow her faulty bike. However, time suddenly freezes and Makoto discovers Chiaki nearby.
           Chiaki confesses that he is from the future, the walnut-shaped object is a time-traveling device and he used it to leap through time to see a painting that is being restored by Kazuko, as it has been destroyed in the future. While walking with Makoto in the frozen city, Chiaki explains that he stayed longer in her time frame than he originally planned. He admits to using his final leap to prevent Kōsuke’s accident and has stopped time only to explain to Makoto what the consequences will be. Having revealed his origins, the nature of the item that allowed Makoto to leap through time and being unable to return to his time period, Chiaki must disappear. Makoto realizes too late that she loves him.
            True to his words, Chiaki disappears when time begins again. Initially distraught at losing Chiaki, Makoto discovers that Chiaki’s time-leap had inadvertently restored a time-leap to her: Chiaki had leapt back to the time before Makoto used her final leap. Makoto uses it to safely leap back to the moment right after she gained her powers, at which point Chiaki still has one remaining time-leap. Makoto explains to Chiaki that she is from the future and reveals everything he told her concerning who he is, the ability to leap through time, and his reasons for extending his stay in her time frame. Makoto promises to make sure the painting stays safe so Chiaki can see it in his time. Before Chiaki leaves, he tells Makoto that he will be waiting for her in the future. When Kōsuke asks her where Chiaki went, she says that he went to study abroad, and that she made a decision about her own future.
Source: Wikipedia
It’s a Sunday and I’m supposed to be at Makati to be with our son, unfortunately we’re don’t have enough money and I had to stay here in Rimax with him for another day.
I don’t know what to do. Well, I’ve been watching Maury the whole day and although it’s kinda entertaining, I got bored too. Watching their problems and getting entertained with it is so….. nevermind.
Well, I searched for other movies and originally, I’m looking for Hayao Miyazaki films. I know this one is far from his, but I just randomly clicked any movies that were suggested right after the Making of Spirited Away , Miyazaki’s most successful movie.
I already have the plot up there ^ , thanks to Wikipedia. It’s not that I can’t write my own, I just don’t know if I’ll give justice to it.
At the start of the movie, I’m really clueless. Of course I just randomly clicked it, perfectly understandable right?
Well, as the move progressed, I got so into the story. There are things that I didn’t really get (like how Makoto really do the time travelling thing) but it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that it made me realize some things, like it made me reflect on some things.
There’s a part in the movie wherein Makoto kept avoiding Chiaki when he’s asking her out. She avoided that a lot of times, as in A LOT!

Don’t miss every chance you have because you my not have it again. Even if you’ll have it the second time around, it won’t be the same as the first time. You may even regret missing that chance.

Makoto tried a lot of times helping Kaho confess to Kōsuke. Well, that went pretty nice but something happened later on due to a lot of time leaping (when she’s avoiding Chiaki’s offer). She was too late to prevent them from borrowing her faulty bike and getting hit by the train.

You should know the limitations of abilities. I know that is way too broad but, yeah – that’s one way to say it. Not because you can go back in time and change some moments doesn’t mean you should go ahead and do it – again and again. It also applies to my path. Not because I know how to hurt someone doesn’t mean I should do it. Everything that you do have their consequences so you better think twice before doing something.

It’s a really good movie. As it ended, it made me ask:

“‘She and her Auntie, are they the same person?”  Well, that will remain a question unless they release the part 2 of it.

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