How’s Life Going?

So, anu-ano na nga ba ang mga nagbago sa buhay mula nung August 2012? Well, napakarami na.

There are a lot of issues regarding our relationship that time. He made A LOT, and I really mean A LOT of mistakes. He said a lot of things that he shouldn’t say, and up until now it’s still hurts a lot whenever I remember those thing. I can’t totally forget them.

Also, I already gave birth to my first son.

He’s named Ryu Alexis. 🙂
Delivered via Caesarean Section last December 7, 2012 at 2:49am
Weight : 2.7kg
Length : 49cm

My hero ♥ Look how bait he looks here. In few months, he’s the most makulit baby na!

Things didn’t get better after that. It gets worse before it gets better ika nga. Lumala ang relasyon namin, to the point that my whole family really went against him. I don’t wanna go through all the details, but one thing that it changed in me was it made me give up on everything about him. It made me strong in a way, and because of that experience, I know my worth now.

Well, after that I dont know what exactly happened, but in the end I decided to come with him. We had our handfasting last February 23, 2013 and few days after that,that’s it. To give him the chance to prove something. My family didn’t let us get our son, patunayan daw muna namin na kaya na namin.

I moved in with him last February 26, 2013. From there, things got a little crazier. We fight a lot. Sinusumbatan kosya and he do nothing but cry and say sorry, he’s scared that time and he doesn’t know what to do. After all the things that I went through after I gave birth, no one will believe that he’s the one who cries more than I do. Iispin lang nila pinagtatakpan ko sya. No one knows how many times we talked of the same things, how many times he cried because I’m blaming him for the things that we can’t change anymore.

I blamed him why we’re not with our son. I blamed his cowardliness, saying “mas may bayag pa ‘ko” compared to him. I blamed him why my trust was broken, I made him remember all the lies that he told me. I told him,again and again, how much I love him, how much I trusted him before and how he just wasted all of it. I don’t know how he took the last part though, I don’t know if he managed to see my importance or what. After that, I got tired of all the pressure from my family and all our fight. I got tired of repeating things na parang wala namang pinapatunguhan.Wasted effort again.

Then, we adjusted. Things got better.

I got employed in Convergys for their AT&T Prepaid account. I was part of Wave 55. I started my training April 9, 2013.

It’s really fun during the training, but every time I’m going to work, I always feel insanely nervous. Why shouldn’t I? Our trainer is good, I mean he’s really good in doing his job. He’s strict and he’s gonna try all that he can to bring out your potential – it’s good right? He’s understanding too, I felt that he really wanted me to pass. Well, it just scares me a lot. I don’t know how to deal with that. I mean, para kang hinihinog sa pilit, it’s my first time in call c

Retouch retouch before the picture taking! Haha!
Meet my AT&T Prepaid Wave 55 batch mates and friends.
CONVERGIRLS! but Ria’s missing here. Aww, I miss them so much.

Unfortunately, I did not make it thru the product training. I got fired May 16, 2013.

We’re broke for almost a month. Nope, make it two weeks only. As in there’s almost nothing! We don’t know what to do , both of us are jobless at that time. And the only money we have is Php 8,000.00.

The funny thing there is we’re so stressed about being jobless and we don’t know how we’ll make it through the month we that little money that we have, yet we still go out more than we should, nililibang ang sarili and trying to forget about the stress while thinking of ways to stand up again. We went to Quiapo looking at radios, TVs and other stuff, we both new clothes, we went to Robinson’s Manila to go widow shopping and ended up buying clothes

Good thing his former employer called him on the last day before we get “zero balance”. Sir Gerald asked him to go back and work again. Whew, thank God! It helped him earn kahit sobrang liit, at least we have enough to feed us everyday and for the expenses.

I started looking for jobs again as soon as possible.
Fortunately, I got hired on May 28,2013 and I started working again last June 3, 2013 in Sitel Pioneer 1.
I’m part of CSC21A.

Training is purely fun! Learning is not that hard (’cause my former trainer already gave a glimpse of the worse that I should expect and I guess I’ve been through that). There are different personalities in our batch and it somehow made everything so fun and enjoyable.

Here are some pictures from our graduation:

Wacky kunyare!
Faith (the princess! haha!) , Ana (the craziest, funniest person in our batch) , and Nicole ( the most positive person I’ve met)
See the posters at the back? RAWR!
Meet the two most precious batch mates (for me ha), Gladys and Elly. Why are they special from the rest? Because we’re all weird in some way.

These people, both from Convergys and Sitel, hold a special palce in me. We may not meet or talk that much, they will always be special. Right now, I’m meeting more and more people in a ‘rapid’ way due to team changes ( I got separated from batch 21A after our training. It’s not just me though, there are around 7 more).

Right now, I guess I really need to know how to deal with meeting and adjusting with people. It’s not that I suck with that, it just goes with my mood. Sometimes I’m fine with it, sometimes I’m not. I need a more stable ‘outlook’ or ‘reaction’ to that.

Now, I’m pregnant with our 2nd child (hoping that it’s a girl) and planning to get married next month. Hopefully it will happen na talaga. We want it on the 16th, in sync with my day off, haha!

There, a brief summary of the past year. ♥

(Photos are not mine)


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