Hi blogspot! I’m back!

It’s almost a year since the last time I opened my Blogger account and a lot of things already changed. During that time, I’m still in the middle of different things that I can’t decide what I should do and how to move forward with my life.

Now, it’s totally different.

As I read my posts on that old account, I realized a lot things  – most of them are related to the changes that happened to me within the whole year that I did not visit this site.

I even tried modify the posts on the old blog just to sync it in how things are going (because there are a lot – AS IN A LOT – of things there that are very different and not applicable now) but at the end, I decided not to delete or edit any post. I don’t want to forget those things, I don’t want to complete change them either.

So, I just started a new blog.


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