Death in Life

Would you believe me if I’ll tell you that I died three times last year?

Yes, I did. Three devastating problems ripped my soul and shattered my whole being into pieces last year. Three difficulties that I didn’t manage to solve so I ended up accepting the situation. Those three problems are too much to handle  that I nearly got insane.

Every single day during that time, I was desperately pleading to my ‘ spirit guide’ to show me what to do, to help me in understanding why I have to experience those things.

Every person’s life, like the seasons of the earth and the moon, have its own cycle. All of us can definitely agree on that, right?   One time you’re on top, next time you’re crushing down rock bottom.

In every death that we experience while we’re still alive, a stronger, better us is born. In every death, a new lesson that will be etched in our mind, heart and soul. And after all the blows that we experience, who wouldn’t come out strong enough for the next struggles to come?


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