In Religious Differences

Almost two years ago, I changed my religion from being a Catholic into a Wiccan. I met a lot of people who condemned my new faith and they even tried to turn me into a Catholic again. I was furious that time. I hate how those people can say uneducated comments about something that they know nothing about. I was angry until a friend (who is Wiccan too) made me read a nicely written article about how we see things.

For me, that writer’s explanation is the best way of saying that we must freely accept religious differences, since ALL is ONE and THE SAME.

In his article, he put it this way: Looking at the supreme deity is like looking in a prism. When the light hits its surface, different colors will appear – the colors of the rainbow and each of us are looking at a certain color. Some are looking at red, some on blue, some on yellow. They may look different but they still came from one source, the prism. Some are focused on one color while others are enjoying the full view. 

Some may think that this idea is bullshit. I met some Christian fanatics before, and they will never take any other explanation for whatever you’re doing that is against their beliefs. Well, do try to consider it.


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